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For better navigation, I have decided to make a table of contents for my poetry. I especially coded this for all of you who appreciate my poetry. In this table you can view each and every one of my poems in one single click on each title. I have categorised my poetry as well so you could check out the genre one by one to suit your taste in poetry. For those who are looking for Japanese Haiku, Tanka, and Chōka style poems, I have included indications on which ones are of the Japanese Haiku, Tanka, and Chōka style. The order of the listings are from recent to previous from top to bottom. You can treat this as a “Thank You” for your support for my literature. I will update this sticky post every time I make a new one. I will make this a sticky post so every time you view my site you can see this table immediately on top all other posts. Enjoy reading!!!




Julian Javier
The Red Raven


The Red Raven’s Poetry

The Red Raven’s Poetry

Sentimentals Romantics Darkness Anger Special
The Clown Portrait My Love, My Lady… The Hunter (Japanese Chōka Style) The Eyes of Fire The Lurker
(Japanese Haiku Style)
Sightless Allow Me The Forlorn Heart The Disdained Child ~ Corvinus ~ Chapter 1: The Turning
Sea Shell Sounds
(Japanese Haiku Style)
Just the Two of Us Pestilence and Plague Against You The Northern Territory
My Sound
(Japanese Haiku Style)
One Who Makes You Smile Helter Skelter To the Slanderer! Part-2 Wishing Happy Birthday
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Plea Perfect For You Fallen To the Slanderer! Part-1 Ruth’s Birthday Letter
Blocked A Walk Under City Lights A False Hope A Writer’s Weapon Treating Women…
As The Rain Arrives
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Your Kiss
(Japanese Tanka Style)
A Sudden Rush
(Japanese Chōka Style)
Eto sa inyo!
(Tagalog Poem/No Translation)
The Protector
Fire Water
(Japanese Tanka Style)
That Star, My Senses… Dragon Breath - The Sniper
Rainy Days
(Japanese Haiku Style)
The Summer Wind Behind the Walls of Madness
(Latin Poem/With English Translation)
- Mr.Gymkhana Man
Rice I’ll Catch You Helpless
(Japanese Tanka Style)
- Distinct and Vivid
Cherry Blossom Bliss
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Thoughts… The Red Raven’s Song
(Official Blog Poem)
- -
(Japanese Tanka Style)
The Man that I’ve Become An Unkindness of Ravens
(Japanese Haiku Style)
- -
Rush Hour Part-1
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Beyond Silent Wars The Light Amidst My Darkness - -
Summer Sakura
(Japanese Haiku Style)
Above Fading Nothing - -
Summer Nights
(Japanese Haiku Style)
The One and Only One Into The Gallows I Walk - -
Summer Shower
(Japanese Haiku Style)
The Prayer of Endurance Loot the Corpse - -
Mountain Dew
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Always in a Dream
(Spanish Poem/With English Translation)
The Exile - -
I Just Wanna RocknRoll I Dream of a Woman
(Italian Poem/With English Translation)
A Broken Soul - -
The Musician My Heart… Conquest
(Japanese Tanka Style)
- -
Writing… Long Time, No See… The Undying - -
Lamental Block Together in a Dream The Streets of Pain
(Japanese Chōka Style)
- -
- Perfect… Chronicle of a Suicide - -
- In My Dreams Famine
(Japanese Tanka Style)
- -
- - Archangel Azrael - -
- - Desolate
(Japanese Chōka Style)
- -
- - Fields of the Fallen - -
- - Armageddonism - -
- - Fear - -
- - The Dark - -
- - - - -

A Dying Ember

A Dying Ember
Fading away…
By: Julian Corvinus Javier
Date: December 17, 2012 @ 3:20PM GMT +8

Treading an empty trail sadness
Always on the edge of clarity and madness
Rushing through the fields of restlessness
Drowning in the sea of loneliness


The soul fading
The spirit slowly dying
The body like a temple crumbling
Strength diminishing


Like a dying ember
Fading slowly on the edge of forever


Slowly fading, Slowly dying

Slowly fading, Slowly dying

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The Clown Portrait

The Clown Portrait
“A Poem About A Clown Portrait I Saw In A Dream…”
By: Julian Corvinus Javier
Date: September 18, 2012 @ 8:27AM GMT +8

I had a dream about a mysterious painting…
In my dream, I saw a man painted smiling…
Somehow, I found his expression very intriguing…
The look in his eyes bewildered my reasoning…


His face was covered in white paint…
And his eyes surrounded in red paint…
His nose appeared to be a red spot…
And his smile was painted…


He seems to be smiling happily…
But in my eyes i see him very dreary…
As though gloom has shrouded his very sanity…
what could he be he thinking so sadly…


His eyes seemed to be as though they were in mourning…
As though his happy face was but a mere mask he was wearing…


As i gazed more upon this portrait…
I felt sad and very lonely…
As though I had just been part of a sad and awful tragedy…
What could have been his story…


I wonder intently…
Pondering deeply…
With the Clown Portrait that seemed to be overflowing with mystery and tragedy…
With the Clown Portrait that seemed ever so sad yet ever so happy…


I woke bewildered and dreary…
What was that about I wondered sincerely…
Then it suddenly came to me…
Was I the clown with a smiling frown..?


This painting is closest to what I saw in that dream…


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The Hunter

The Hunter
A Chōka About The Hunter Amidst The Nightshade
This came from a dream i had last night…
By: Julian Corvinus Javier
Date: September 17, 2012 @ 8:27AM GMT +8

Prowling From Utter Darkness


Foreboding winds blow
Sinister and ominous


Whistling in the wind
A gale streamed with dread and fear


Stalking close by
Keenly observing movements


Prowling craftily
In the shadows of nightshade


Waiting for the chance
For the right moment to strike


The thrill of the hunt
Coursing within his senses


Violent intents
Bloodlust riding in the breeze


Moving for a kill
Bloodshot eyes burn with hunger
A predator with his prey


With vigilance

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My Love, My Lady…

My Love, My Lady…
A Journey Towards Our Destiny
By: Julian Corvinus Javier
Date: September 16, 2012 @ 10:50PM GMT +8

My love, My lady come to me…
Come embark with me in this epic journey…
towards our eternal destiny…
Drive me crazy and bring me back again to sanity….


Feel my love and my passion…
Save me from this self-destruction…
Feel my heart and feel my frailty…
Come and let us fulfill our fate, our destiny…


Come live within me…
Come and love me for who and what I am truly…


Fill this gaping hole in my heart and complete me…
Mend this wound that’s draining my life slowly…


Take my hand and let’s set ourselves free…
Hold me and never let go of me…
Let’s soar to the stars across the galaxy…
Let me show you a world that you are yet to see…


Oh, my love, my longing for you’s driving me crazy…
Feel me, my love for you, and my frailty…
Come live within my heart, within my soul, within me…
Hold me, caress me, and make love to me…
Come and love me for who and what I am truly…
Save me, my lady, my only light that which gives me sanity…


Painting: Femme à l’ombrelle, tournée vers la droite
By: Claude Monet
Year: 1886


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The Forlorn Heart

The Forlorn Heart
A Treasure Lost, Never to be sought, and never to be found
By: Julian Javier
Date: September 13, 2012 @ 4:34AM

My world is my enemy
Slowly consuming me
Caving in around me
Devouring my soul, my body


The hate of the world lingers closely around me
Engulfing my existence, my entirety


Cornering me like a wounded beast
With their lies and deceit
With their hate, malice, and conceit
They pray to see my utter ruin and my downright defeat


I’m a treasure accursed for all eternity
Lost, Never to be sought, and never to be found


I am his forlorn heart
by the chains of hatred and sadness
by the throes of rejection and madness
I am forever bound


The Tree of Life

The Dead Tree Of Life

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“There is more than what meets the eye…”
By: Julian Javier
Date: March 30, 2012 @ 2:50AM

I am Sightless!


I only feel what is real and unreal…
With perception that’s never bound by what outward appearances may appeal…


Never being deceived by what anything seems to be
Never judging by what beguiling eyes might see
Vividly perceiving real beauty from the plain and surreal artistry
Distinctly discerning what’s pretence and what’s reality


True sight that is not by the sense of vision
Free from any prejudice constituted by beguiling illusion


Infallible discernment gained from the mind and heart alone
Knowledge and Wisdom gained from feeling the unknown


Mysteries unravelled from what sight for so long a time has concealed…
Amidst darkness’ cruelty the wisdom of the light has been revealed…


That a truth might actually be a lie
That You can’t tell until you try
That nothing is certain; everything is nigh
That nothing is certain; only that one day we die


Denying the conclusion brought forth by vision
Welcoming gifts brought forth by non-visual perception


Intuition that is nigh undeceivable
Insight that is nigh undeniable
Indubitability that is nigh unmistakable
Integrity that is nigh unbendable


Understand and Always Remember these:
There is always more than what seems to be.
Don’t be fooled by what the eyes can only see.
Nothing is certain; Everything is nigh.
The possibilities are endless; it’s limit is sky high!


I am Sightless!
Ah! Yes! Indeed, I am sightless!
Filled with insight nonetheless!


Because He was sightless they thought Old Homer was worthless. He proved them wrong. Nothing is what it seems.

“The bright light of hope is always waiting for you
at the end of the dark abysmal tunnel
that seems to hopelessly go on forever.”
~ Julian Javier


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Pestilence and Plague

Pestilence and Plague
A narrative about a tumultuous death in Pestilence and Plague
By: Julian Javier
Date Created: May 10, 2011 @ 7:12AM GMT +8
Date Revised: December 29, 2011 @ 10:51AM GMT +8

To whom the bell tolls,


Stricken by a curse, the land was plagued…
With the misery it brought, no one can be saved…
Death was the deliverance the pestilence hastily paved…


In this account, feel the agony it gave…
See what horror these eyes saw in the turmoil it made…
May this deliver the agony it gave before the will to live caved…


From the inside, the body burning violently…
The mind and body in intense pain and pure agony…


Feeling pain to which no one can endure…
Both physical and mental torture…


A nightmare while wide awake and sane…
Understanding the difference between relief and pain…


Comfort is what medicine fails to give…
Wishing to die yet still desiring to live…


Having no appetite yet starving and famished…
Enduring the final moments of pain and anguish…


By the Pestilence, virulently afflicted…
Viability coercively subjugated…
Savagely obliterated…


By the Plague, miserably tormented…
Vitality ruthlessly being desecrated…
Climatically devastated…


Finally the hour of death…
Struggling to fight for each and every last breath…
Coughing out a horrid substance like of crud…
Through open wounds, leaking drops of crimson blood…


Under the sun amidst it’s scorched earth collapsing…
Sprawled on the dirt gasping for air strenuously ailing…
Finally, the moment that has long been found wanting…
Cherishing past memories to the long awaited ending…




All that was left was a foul and lifeless flesh to be undone…
To decompose and decay under the blazing hot mid-day sun…
A vile sight with a putrid stench that is dreadfully disgusting…
Utterly defiled and detestably nauseating…


Virally Your's,
The Pestilent One


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