“There is more than what meets the eye…”
By: Julian Javier
Date: March 30, 2012 @ 2:50AM

I am Sightless!


I only feel what is real and unreal…
With perception that’s never bound by what outward appearances may appeal…


Never being deceived by what anything seems to be
Never judging by what beguiling eyes might see
Vividly perceiving real beauty from the plain and surreal artistry
Distinctly discerning what’s pretence and what’s reality


True sight that is not by the sense of vision
Free from any prejudice constituted by beguiling illusion


Infallible discernment gained from the mind and heart alone
Knowledge and Wisdom gained from feeling the unknown


Mysteries unravelled from what sight for so long a time has concealed…
Amidst darkness’ cruelty the wisdom of the light has been revealed…


That a truth might actually be a lie
That You can’t tell until you try
That nothing is certain; everything is nigh
That nothing is certain; only that one day we die


Denying the conclusion brought forth by vision
Welcoming gifts brought forth by non-visual perception


Intuition that is nigh undeceivable
Insight that is nigh undeniable
Indubitability that is nigh unmistakable
Integrity that is nigh unbendable


Understand and Always Remember these:
There is always more than what seems to be.
Don’t be fooled by what the eyes can only see.
Nothing is certain; Everything is nigh.
The possibilities are endless; it’s limit is sky high!


I am Sightless!
Ah! Yes! Indeed, I am sightless!
Filled with insight nonetheless!


Because He was sightless they thought Old Homer was worthless. He proved them wrong. Nothing is what it seems.

“The bright light of hope is always waiting for you
at the end of the dark abysmal tunnel
that seems to hopelessly go on forever.”
~ Julian Javier


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As The Rain Arrives

As The Rain Arrives
A Tanka Poem about the feeling before a rain starts
By: Julian Javier
Date: May 29.2011 @ 5:13PM

As light of day dims…
Cold, foggy mists cloud my sight…
Whistling leaves rustle…
Body shivers with cold winds…
As rain starts falling from clouds…


Cold, foggy mists cloud my sight...


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The Sniper

The Sniper
A Marksman’s Poetic Paradigm
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 22, 2011 @ 9:43PM GMT +8

I am the Sniper and you are my mark.
I am hidden in a tower window while you are exposed in the park.


Holding my rifle, looking inside the scope…
To have you in my sights, that is all that I hope.


Days, weeks, and months, I’ll stay and wait…
Till you appear whether it be early or late.


With my finger on the trigger…
… and the .50 caliber bolted onto the chamber…
I’ll be ready to fire whether it be…
… this second, the next minute, the next hour…
… even if it’s later today, or soon after.


Till it’s the exact moment, I won’t move nor pull the trigger…
I’ll stay concealed here until you’re heart’s in my cross-hair.
Waiting in the shadows is my game from the beginning till ever after…
I tell you, I am an excellent Marksman with a Rifle…
… and I am an excellent Sniper.


Barret M82 - .50 Caliber bolt action, recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle.

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