The Hunter

The Hunter
A Chōka About The Hunter Amidst The Nightshade
This came from a dream i had last night…
By: Julian Corvinus Javier
Date: September 17, 2012 @ 8:27AM GMT +8

Prowling From Utter Darkness


Foreboding winds blow
Sinister and ominous


Whistling in the wind
A gale streamed with dread and fear


Stalking close by
Keenly observing movements


Prowling craftily
In the shadows of nightshade


Waiting for the chance
For the right moment to strike


The thrill of the hunt
Coursing within his senses


Violent intents
Bloodlust riding in the breeze


Moving for a kill
Bloodshot eyes burn with hunger
A predator with his prey


With vigilance

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