Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael
The Archangel of Death; The Grim Reaper
by: Julian Javier
Date: April 25, 2011 @ 1:48AM GMT+8

Laid to rest, bedridden, dying…
Your soul’s time is fast approaching…
With your last efforts to keep on breathing…
Flashing before your eyes is your life in the land of the living…


In his black book of life and death…
Where every record of your life from your first till your last breath…
Where all men’s names and deeds are kept…
For today’s bidding your name is all that’s left…


Now, He with wings of black is before you standing…
Waiting to escort your soul to its final place of resting…
Question is, will you be in the land of wailing and eternal suffering?
or will you be in the land of milk and honey forever hearing angels singing?


To escort you to your rightful place, forlorn or uplifting, is a must…
There will be no return, in these words you can trust…
Judgement shall be passed to both the righteous and the unjust…
There will be no exceptions, in these words you can trust…

"Judgement shall be passed to both the righteous and the unjust..."

“In your final hours… in the afterlife…
There is only black or white, yes or no, upward or downward…
There is no gray area, there is no maybe, there is no middle…
Heaven or Hell… That’s all there is to it…
Always remember that judgement shall be passed to both the righteous and the unjust…”
– Julian Javier on Life, Death, and the Afterlife

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Ideology of Chaos, Discord, and Malice; A Path to Self-Destruction
By: Julian Javier
Date: April 21, 2011 @ 4:35AM GMT +8

Graft and corruption…
Money for wars instead of children’s education…
The weak and the poor always subject to oppression…
A message brought by the emissaries of destruction disguised to cause dissension…


Democracy and justice cast into oblivion…
Bloodshed due to indifference, false belief, and religion…
The unjust conducting the symphony of destruction…
Omnicide using weapons of mass destruction…


Chaos, anarchy, and democide…
Love and understanding cast aside…
Worldwide turmoil, panic, and depression side by side…
Fear, hate, anger, the desire to kill, and suffering all inside!


Innate human greed and blood lust…
Gossip, betrayal, and mistrust…
A sea of blood creeping on the surface of earth’s crust…
To kill a brother is a must!


A desire to destroy and rebuild burns…
Moral lessons in each of the events that no one learns…
A never ending cycle of war and peace taking turns…
Armageddon as the prophets have discerned…


A world covered in blood, flames, and darkness…
Where everyone is consumed by power and madness…
Where the just are depressed with grief and sadness…
A wonderful world of Chaos, Discord, and Malice…


Satan is sitting pretty in his throne and he’s smiling…


All ye have been blindly faithful and loyal to me.
So, I shall reward all of thee!
Never ending pain and suffering that you wish awaits thee!
Bwahahahahahahaha!!! (Sinister Evil Laugh)


"We are so excite of Armageddon! We love to see destruction! hahaha"

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Against You!

Against You!
A letter against hypocrisy and injustice
By: Julian Javier
Date: March 12, 2011 @ 12:32AM GMT +8

Straight to the point, I don’t like you.
For you are a selfish hypocrite who only thinks of only you.
You’re own filthy, disgusting, oppressive you.
You who is like a green stinky and muddy swamp-like bayou.

I hate your foolish pride and prejudice.
I hate your blatant corruption.
I hate your injustice and malice.
I tremble at your unjustly deeds with indignation.

Don’t tell me not to do what I do.
For I am no hypocrite unlike you.
You who does good deeds to one only when that one is in front of you.
Deep inside it’s just that cheap backstabbing that you always do.

I’ll smoke and drink liquor in front of you and your family.
Without second thought, I’ll say fuck you any time daily.
For i am not bound to your disgustingly idiotic hypocrisy.
I am real and I think freely while you are a fake, two-faced, backstabbing, and a selfish sissy.

You judge people by your first impression and their outward color.
You don’t have real pride nor you have real honor.
You being an oppressor only goes to show that you are nothing but a weak pretender.
I will take pride and joy in striking you down with all ardor, shred you to bits, and tear you asunder..

Your words are always masked so you could allure.
Little do they know that you’re bickering tongue spits out only pure manure.

You are a disgusting rat in a stinky sewer.
Oh how I wish someone would stab you with a barbecue skewer

You look at people with malice and with a disgusted leer.
I’d rather puke at you than chat with you and drink beer.

I bet that crazed beggar can give you a heart attack with a crazy leer.
Unlike you, at least that crazed beggar is real and can deliver a somewhat funny jeer.

I hate you for you ridicule and oppress the meek.
I hate you for you are corrupt and take advantage of the weak.

I hate you for you are selfish and unjust.
I hate you for you are a backstabbing snake who deserves no trust.

I hate you for you are like a deer with no musk.
Most of all I hate you for you are a disguising hypocrite in a fake and empty husk.

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To the Slanderer!

A Message to that Puny Little Slanderer
By: Julian Javier
Date: March 8, 2011 @ 2:15PM GMT +8

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes

This one is dedicated to the slanderous commenter yesterday with the email address of and the IPs of and you know who you are.
I marked your slanderous words as spam sucker!
By the way thank you for making me notice that comments here in my blog are automatically approved. haha t(^_^t) now i will never again be victimized by likes of you!
You don’t have any idea what happened so shut the fuck up and bug off and read this so you can be educated you stupid idiot monkey!

To the filthy puny little slanderer:

Sure! Sure!
Blame it all on me!
Disgust me and Hate me!
Spread more bad gossip about me!
Use your filthy bickering tongue and spit on me!

You think you are wise.
Go and spread your filthy lies!
Patch up the truth and take sides!
People who love me will know where the truth resides!

You say the truths I always deny…
Ask anyone I know here and see if there is truth in your shameful lie!

I know I still have my son whom I so still dearly love!
I know I once had a wife whom I once loved!

She disrespected me for a lot of times…
She even disrespected my one and only mother in my lifetime!

My mother who is 65 years old who only showed compassion and concern…
A mother who tried to teach us the ways of a partnership but she refused to learn…

I even came to a decision to leave my mother living on a separate house all alone…
Only to suffice my once wife’s desire to stand-alone!
I disregarded thinking how old my mom was for this wife’s desire to have a home…
with only the three of us me, her, and my son alone!

At first I was happy that we came to a compromise…
I thought the decision I made was truly wise…

but then her and mom met again on the road’s steps…
and in front of me she lacked to show the appropriate respect!

She did not talk until my mom called her thrice…
She did not even look my mom in the eyes!
In my mind at least show my mom respect and be polite…
at least give her back the smile she gave you under the bright sunny light!

Even after that lack of respect…
I was still willing to forgive her in retrospect…

But then what got me was she was trying to avoid our son…
trying to avoid our son from his loving grandmom!

Is it right to say to your husband’s loving mother not to come to her grandson’s birthday?
Is it right to say to your husband’s loving mother to bug off and stay away?
You think the news never came to me?
You think my mom reported that to me?
I ain’t deaf, neither blind, and definitely not a mute
It was a friend who shared that text message that showed me the truth.
Is that right in any way?
Fuck you! That definitely ain’t right in any way!

You can’t blame me for I did not lack in forgiveness
I forgave but she still was so relentless

I forgave a hundred times
until my mercy was put to the edge of the line.

I know i made mistakes in the past
I ain’t perfect but surely I am not the same as the person whom you possibly knew in the past.

I tremble with indignation at every injustice
I do not fear your words of hate and malice

You are a filthy little rat!
You smell like shit stuck on a dead man’s gut!
To me you are a small stinky little snot!

I am angry at her and to all of you who spread slanderous gossips against me!
But still I shall forgive you and forget all this if you only say sorry.
Fuck you and burn in your “Hell” that you always preach in your church if you don’t want to!
I ain’t forcing you!
Unlike in your religion who force people to believe in all of you!
force belief that can’t even be seen in the likes of you!
I can never be compared to your filthy clan and specially you!


I’ll burn you tied up inside your house when I meet you!

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I Don’t Wanna Change the World
By: Ozzy Osbourne

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A Writer’s Weapon

A Writer’s Weapon
An Outcry
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 27, 2011 @ 9:45PM GMT +8

My pen is more mightier than any knife, any blade, or any sword!
The words that come from it are sharper than any edge of any sharpened sword!

The pen is the weapon of my choice.
It shall be the medium of my unheard voice.

I shall make use of my weapon and continue to whet its edge.
Today, I make you this solemn pledge.

I shall take aim and strike at those people with words that do not match their deeds!
To those hypocrites who take advantage of the hopes of those in need!
To those people feeling important with unimportant words and mindless deeds!

In parchment or in paper.
At any given point in time, be it in January till December.
Be it using the keys of typewriters or of computers.
Even if I write in the dark in many of those ungodly hours.

My words shall be a weapon!
To spark the fire of the oppressed and wake their hearts to a liberating rebellion!
My words shall be louder than the growl of a mighty lion!
So loud that it’ll be far reaching, that it’ll reach the edge of this universe that is infinite and unending.

There shall be hardship and there shall be difficulty, with all that, I shall definitely agree.
As long as they have faith, hope, love, and stay with me through all the hardships and all the difficulties,
Let me say, that with my words I shall guide the weak and the oppressed to their sovereign victory.

With my pen, I shall bring forth justice and aid in defending those who are oppressed.
To give hope and light to those who are depressed.
To give strength to those who are weak.
To give boldness to those who are meek.
With a great feeling of love and continuous efforts to help those in need.

For I cannot just stand in silence and neglect.
While I watch those oppressors oppress those people whom I wish to protect.

My pen is more mightier than any knife, any blade, or any sword!
The words that come from it are sharper than any edge of any sharpened sword!

Pen of the Old Days

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