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For better navigation, I have decided to make a table of contents for my poetry. I especially coded this for all of you who appreciate my poetry. In this table you can view each and every one of my poems in one single click on each title. I have categorised my poetry as well so you could check out the genre one by one to suit your taste in poetry. For those who are looking for Japanese Haiku, Tanka, and Chōka style poems, I have included indications on which ones are of the Japanese Haiku, Tanka, and Chōka style. The order of the listings are from recent to previous from top to bottom. You can treat this as a “Thank You” for your support for my literature. I will update this sticky post every time I make a new one. I will make this a sticky post so every time you view my site you can see this table immediately on top all other posts. Enjoy reading!!!




Julian Javier
The Red Raven


The Red Raven’s Poetry

The Red Raven’s Poetry

Sentimentals Romantics Darkness Anger Special
The Clown Portrait My Love, My Lady… The Hunter (Japanese Chōka Style) The Eyes of Fire Sirang Plaka
(Tagalog Poem/No Translation)
Sightless Allow Me The Forlorn Heart The Disdained Child The Lurker
(Japanese Haiku Style)
Sea Shell Sounds
(Japanese Haiku Style)
Just the Two of Us Pestilence and Plague Against You ~ Corvinus ~ Chapter 1: The Turning
My Sound
(Japanese Haiku Style)
One Who Makes You Smile Helter Skelter To the Slanderer! Part-2 The Northern Territory
Plea Perfect For You Fallen To the Slanderer! Part-1 Wishing Happy Birthday
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Blocked A Walk Under City Lights A False Hope A Writer’s Weapon Ruth’s Birthday Letter
As The Rain Arrives
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Your Kiss
(Japanese Tanka Style)
A Sudden Rush
(Japanese Chōka Style)
Eto sa inyo!
(Tagalog Poem/No Translation)
Treating Women…
Fire Water
(Japanese Tanka Style)
That Star, My Senses… Dragon Breath The Protector
Rainy Days
(Japanese Haiku Style)
The Summer Wind Behind the Walls of Madness
(Latin Poem/With English Translation)
The Sniper
Rice I’ll Catch You Helpless
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Mr.Gymkhana Man
Cherry Blossom Bliss
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Thoughts… The Red Raven’s Song
(Official Blog Poem)
Distinct and Vivid
(Japanese Tanka Style)
The Man that I’ve Become An Unkindness of Ravens
(Japanese Haiku Style)
Rush Hour Part-1
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Beyond Silent Wars The Light Amidst My Darkness
Summer Sakura
(Japanese Haiku Style)
Above Fading Nothing
Summer Nights
(Japanese Haiku Style)
The One and Only One Into The Gallows I Walk
Summer Shower
(Japanese Haiku Style)
The Prayer of Endurance Loot the Corpse
Mountain Dew
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Always in a Dream
(Spanish Poem/With English Translation)
The Exile
I Just Wanna RocknRoll I Dream of a Woman
(Italian Poem/With English Translation)
A Broken Soul
The Musician My Heart… Conquest
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Writing… Long Time, No See… The Undying
Lamental Block Together in a Dream The Streets of Pain
(Japanese Chōka Style)
Perfect… Chronicle of a Suicide
In My Dreams Famine
(Japanese Tanka Style)
Archangel Azrael
(Japanese Chōka Style)
Fields of the Fallen
The Dark

Thank you Miss Libelous Slanderer! =)

A Message to Miss Libelous Slanderer:

Dear Miss maverick.patsi@yahoo.com and accomplices,

Thanks to you a lot of people are viewing my site and my site stats are spiking and booming like crazy! haha! thanks to your libelous comments and slanderous words in my poems “Treating Women…” and “The Man that I’ve Become” (which obviously was caught by Akismet Anti-Spam filter as Spam), I was able to make that wonderful shout back to your libel and slander in the poem “To the Slanderer!” and the words of my poetry echoed to places it has never been before! thanks for the advertising! I ain’t surprised though, because I know you studied Bachelor of Sciences in Mass Communications, so, you should really be good at advertising. hahaha thanks again Miss Libelous Slanderer! I really appreciate the support your libel and slander is bringing to my blog hahahaha! t(^_^t) sucker!

Strike me while you can behind my back.
When I fall I shall stand up back,
When I do and I see you, I’ll beat you with a paddle while you’re crumpled inside a sack!
After that, I’ll throw you in the middle of the ocean and feed you to the sharks as a snack!
hahahaha! Good luck to you for you really suck and It’d be better for you to shoot yourself with a Pistol or a Mac! hahaha


Julian Javier, The Cyber Mushroom

Go blow your brains out thinking of ways to abolish me! You have no chance fighting against me! hahahaha t(^_^t) sucker!

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