The Dark

The Dark
The Shadow of the Twilight
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 24, 2011 @ 9:01PM GMT +8

From the shadows, I come to stalk the night.
I am a phantom who strikes in the shadows of the twilight.
I am a phantom basking in the dim of the night.
Watching over you in plain sight.

I am the dark.
The shadows ride around me.
Fear is an illusion for me.
I am the warrior whom from the darkness saves thee.

It is I whom you hear whispering from the void.
I am inescapable yet you always try to avoid.
You shriek and tremble for you think I am an entity of all emotions devoid.
Know ye not that it is I who protects you from the vile creatures that lurk in the void.

I am the dark.
The light is unable to consume me.
From the shadows, I shall serve thee.
I am the phantom who watches over thee.

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6 responses to “The Dark

  1. Oh, I like this one! When I was starting my adventure with poetry, I used to write a lot of dark poems… This one reminds me of those times… Everything was so much different… This darkness will always be lurking somewhere in the depths of my heart 😉

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