Chronicle of a Suicide

Chronicle of a Suicide
A fool’s suicide chronicle…
By: Julian Javier
Date: May 11, 2011 @ 8:52PM GMT +8

[The Fool]
Deprive me of light and of hope.
Now, come and give me a nice rope.
knot it into a noose.
make sure it’s not lose.
take a pick.
get a brick.
tie it on the other end.
say my last words before my life will end.
now get the brick and throw.
to the river located down below.




[The Fool]


[The Clock]




[The Fool]
Wow, I’m sinking so fast and i’m choking.
My neck giving my lungs difficulty in breathing.
Finally, I’m dying.
It’s the end of my life’s long suffering.
I had a tough life never had a chance to be great.
I broke my parents’ hearts.
I lost half the part of my heart.
It’s all my fault anyway, so fuck it.
I wish I had a chance to change things but had no luck at it.


[The Invisible Guardian]


[The Fool]
what? huh? who was that voice?
Oh no, did i make a mistake???

wait! I’m dying!
NO! wait, somebody help me!


***everything went black***


[The Warden]
Ah! Fresh Meat!
*laughs sinisterly*


*the fool awakes*


[The Fool]
where am I? it’s so hot in here that i’m burning!


[The Warden]
You’re in the plains of hell. in front of you are its gates.


[The Fool]
What the? hell?


[The Warden]
come with me!
*laughs sinisterly*
*drags the fool by the neck*


[The Fool]


[The Warden]
*throws the Fool into the river of the dead*
DIE you foolish man! oh, wait… i forgot, you cannot die here!
*laughs sinisterly*


[The Narrator]
And so The Fool deceived by his own ignorance suffered eternally…
He thought he could escape with death from reality…
Forever he burned wishing to die intently…
But sadly, he doesn’t… for his suffering is eternal and unending…
He exchanged his life that he thought was suffering for even more suffering…
Beyond redemption… Beyond Healing…
The man suffered amidst the land of tormenting…


Ending Haiku recited as the scene ends:


“The river carries…
Wails from the souls of the damned…
Eternal torment…”


Let's learn how to knot a noose! =)

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The Dark

The Dark
The Shadow of the Twilight
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 24, 2011 @ 9:01PM GMT +8

From the shadows, I come to stalk the night.
I am a phantom who strikes in the shadows of the twilight.
I am a phantom basking in the dim of the night.
Watching over you in plain sight.

I am the dark.
The shadows ride around me.
Fear is an illusion for me.
I am the warrior whom from the darkness saves thee.

It is I whom you hear whispering from the void.
I am inescapable yet you always try to avoid.
You shriek and tremble for you think I am an entity of all emotions devoid.
Know ye not that it is I who protects you from the vile creatures that lurk in the void.

I am the dark.
The light is unable to consume me.
From the shadows, I shall serve thee.
I am the phantom who watches over thee.

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The Protector

The Protector
Your Loyal Knight
A Guardian’s Job Description

By: Julian Javier
Date: February 21, 2011 @ 12:58AM

I am your Protector.
Your loyal guard and your savior.
Your sword, shield, and armor.
Your gear against the oppressor.

I take you under my wing and always protect you.
I stay beside you and always assist you.
I am the hood of defiance that which covers your head from the rain of oppression your oppressors bring you.

I will act as your eyes,
so you may see what truly lies.

I will act as your ears,
so you may hear their true words and shed away your doubts and fears.

I will act as your tongue,
so that you may speak words that can mute your oppressor’s bickering tongue.

I am your sword, shield, and armor.
I’ll bless you with protection as your protector as long as you wield me with ardour.

I shall protect you inside the walls that we’ll build around your border.
So, you can rest easy inside the city without having a single bother.

I am a weapon made to strike with your fury and might.
So long as you wield me and your always with me, i will lend to you my power and with your enemies bring blight.
I am your Protector.
As long as you and I are together,
I’ll protect you with my zeal and fervor.

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