Google and Facebook: Protect Our Privacy!

February 22, 2011 E-Mail sent to me from

Dear Reader,

Imagine the cops rifling through your mail, your calendar, your receipts. All your private information, available for them to look through. To do this offline, they’d have to get a warrant from a judge and break into your house. But every day the cops — and anyone else with a good lawyer! — get access to your online email and calendar just by asking.

Major online service providers like Gmail and Facebook just hand over your personal data to the police when they get a legal request — usually without even telling you they’ve done so! And since you never know about the request, you never get a day in court to challenge it. Your privacy is gone before you even know it.

Click here to tell Google and Facebook that if they’re going to store your private information, they need to promise to keep it private!

Twitter has just taken a bold stand to protect its users’ privacy. When the US Government demanded they turn over information about people affiliated with WikiLeaks, they told the people affected and now they have the chance to challenge the request. But Facebook and Google are refusing to do the same! Sign our petition demanding they — and other major Internet companies — adopt sensible privacy protections and stop turning over your personal data to anyone who asks.

Tell Google and Facebook that they need to follow Twitter’s lead and protect our privacy. We’re meeting with Google later THIS WEEK, and will deliver the petition then.

Thanks for taking a stand.

— The Demand Progress team and The Cyber Mushroom

P.S. We’re meeting with Google later this week, and want to have as many people as possible signed on by then. Could you Share this blog post to your friends using the share buttons below?


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