Miss Ruth L. Rollan, Advanced Happy Birthday!

A Birthday Letter to Miss Ruth L. Rollan from Julian Javier

Ruth Rollan,

Here is an advanced greeting of birthday…
for a hot, young, and lovely lady.

Let’s raise up an arch on the 29th of March…
for this lady who will celebrate her birthday this month of march.

Let’s raise up a glass and toast…
for she who lives, let’s make her happier than most.
On her 27th birthday slice up a skewered pork roast.
Happy birthday for a wonderful, fun, and gorgeous host.

As time flies away, her age may also just fly away…
but forever beautiful in our hearts and minds she’ll always stay.
Here is a beautiful woman celebrating her birthday…
So, let’s all forget that and give her 1 alcoholic great partey.

More wisdom and guidance we wish you…
from all your friends who just so lovingly adores you.

Advanced happy birthday Ruth Rollan!
May the fairy god mother grant your wish with her wand!

Wishing you always the best,
Julian Javier 😉

Ruth L. Rollan

Ruth L. Rollan
Birthday: March 29, 1984
“She Who Lives”

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