News: New Background for The Red Raven

Dear Readers,


I have just updated my blog’s appearance.
I changed the wallpaper to a more appropriate wallpaper to match the blog’s theme.
I call it Huginn and Muninn.
I hope it scares the shit out of you and I hope it matches “The Red Raven” that much.
It’s optimized for widescreen monitors some of you guys (especially those using a 4:3 15inch monitor) might see the raven on the left cut off but if you are using a 16:9 (whether 15inches and above) widescreen monitor you can view the way it is.

Thanks for reading!




Julian Corvinus Javier
The Crimson Crow


NEWS: Rise of the Red Raven.

Dear Readers,


First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have been enjoying and supporting my poetry blog all this time. In the past few days, I have decided to make changes to my poetry blog for personal and spam reasons.


Lately, I have been receiving quite a number of spam comments about some random products ranging from leather bags to computer chips and a bunch of other stuff like that. Thanks to Akismet spam filter, I was able to filter out the spam from going to the pages in my site. Akismet has been doing an excellent job catching these spam for me but it annoys me to see a number of spam from Akismet’s net then deleting them every time I see them. So, I have come to resolve to change the address to buy me some time from these spammers. I know this is a temporary solution to a permanent problem of cyberspace but I also had personal reasons to, so, I went ahead with it.


As you can all notice, I have changed the theme of my blog from the funny looking doom shroom background to this spooky somewhat creepy night moon with dark clouds background with the crow perched on a chest header.


I have also decided to change it’s name from the old “Cyber Mushroom” ( to “The Red Raven” ( also to mark my new journey in life. This is to show to everyone my true colours. For, I am like the Crow or the Raven, who, though the most intelligent of all the avian species, is always stereotyped, misjudged, and misunderstood for his appearance. I want everyone to know that for me, even through everyone’s stereotyping and prejudice, my life will go on. I know who I am and I will stay as real as I can for the rest of my life. I don’t care how everyone sees me, whether you find me mysterious, enigmatic, creepy, and the latter, I will not pretend to be someone who I am not just to gain anyone’s acceptance nor anyone’s attention. I am me and no one can change who I am. This is me. Like the Crow, I will perch on tree cawing, I will spread my black wings, and won’t give a damn if I scare the shit out of everyone by doing so. This is my resolve.


You might be wondering why “The Crimson Corvus” or “The Red Raven” is the name I chose because obviously there is no species of Crow of Red plumage.


Well, my favourite colour is Red so I thought of the idea of the carrion crow having it’s black plumage with its purple iridescence when light strikes it and came up with my own mythological crow, “The Crimson Crow” or “The Red Raven” who has black plumage like any other crow or raven but instead of the purple iridescence effect he has this unique red iridescence. I imagined that since the lot of people find me so different, that this name would be the most appropriate.


I hope you will all enjoy the changes I made and I hope you will all continue to support my poetry in this blog site. Thanks again for all your support. I will keep on writing stuff to touch your hearts, make you smile, and even scare you. The old Cyber Mushroom can now rest in peace.
This is The Crimson Corvus A.K.A. The Red Raven now taking over this place. Enjoy!


Changes made to blog:
– changed blog name to The Red Raven
– changed blog address to
– changed blog theme to piano black
– changed blog icon to a Crow drawing




Julian Corvinus Javier
The Red Raven


The Red Raven / Corvus Cremesinus

Distinct and Vivid

Distinct and Vivid
About Julian Javier
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 16, 2011 @ 11:18PM GMT +8

I am Distinct.
Can you see me?
I am not Vague.
Can you see me?
I am Vivid.
Can you see me?

I don’t think so.
prove me wrong and convince me to whoa.

Are you wise enough to see the real me?
Bold enough to reach me?
Transparent enough and tell me what you feel about me?


Are you that of a fool to judge me?
Cowardly that you stay away from me?
Deceitful enough to lie about what you have to say about me?

Will you tell me what I lack?
Will you stab me behind my back?

Will you sleep with me and rest at night and wake with me like a lover?
Will you try to suffocate me with your pillow in my slumber?

Will you close your eyes when I close mine?
Will you pretend and betray this heart of mine?

Will you stay with me and let me have your respect and loyalty?
Will you run away from me for all eternity?

Tell me with utmost honesty.
Tell me with utmost sincerity.
Even if its just for this one time.
Let your heart’s feelings channel into mine.


I want to show you
who the man is behind the legend.
what spirit this soul has underneath this seemingly empty husk.

I want to show you with shock and with awe.
The man with warmth enough to make a glacier thaw.

Distinct and Vivid.
Bold and not Timid.

Transparent and not Deceitful.
Like a pallet for a painting that is very colorful.


I do not want to fill your heart with dread.
In telling you the story of a man who has deeply bled.
A man whose life was pretty much dead.
A man who needs love more than bread.
A man who believes in poetic justice.
With spirit stronger that knows no malice.
A man of transparency who hates injustice.
One who knows how to fulfill a promise.

Can you comprehend my reasoning?
Can you tell how strong and deep the emotions I am conveying?
Can you feel my presence and my aura that is beckoning?

I am Distinct, I am Vivid, If you can’t see me…
That’s not my fault for I am not deceitful nor am I timid.
I show myself and speak my mind, never caring what anyone has in mind.
I am me, what you see is everything in me.

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