NEWS: Rise of the Red Raven.

Dear Readers,


First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have been enjoying and supporting my poetry blog all this time. In the past few days, I have decided to make changes to my poetry blog for personal and spam reasons.


Lately, I have been receiving quite a number of spam comments about some random products ranging from leather bags to computer chips and a bunch of other stuff like that. Thanks to Akismet spam filter, I was able to filter out the spam from going to the pages in my site. Akismet has been doing an excellent job catching these spam for me but it annoys me to see a number of spam from Akismet’s net then deleting them every time I see them. So, I have come to resolve to change the address to buy me some time from these spammers. I know this is a temporary solution to a permanent problem of cyberspace but I also had personal reasons to, so, I went ahead with it.


As you can all notice, I have changed the theme of my blog from the funny looking doom shroom background to this spooky somewhat creepy night moon with dark clouds background with the crow perched on a chest header.


I have also decided to change it’s name from the old “Cyber Mushroom” ( to “The Red Raven” ( also to mark my new journey in life. This is to show to everyone my true colours. For, I am like the Crow or the Raven, who, though the most intelligent of all the avian species, is always stereotyped, misjudged, and misunderstood for his appearance. I want everyone to know that for me, even through everyone’s stereotyping and prejudice, my life will go on. I know who I am and I will stay as real as I can for the rest of my life. I don’t care how everyone sees me, whether you find me mysterious, enigmatic, creepy, and the latter, I will not pretend to be someone who I am not just to gain anyone’s acceptance nor anyone’s attention. I am me and no one can change who I am. This is me. Like the Crow, I will perch on tree cawing, I will spread my black wings, and won’t give a damn if I scare the shit out of everyone by doing so. This is my resolve.


You might be wondering why “The Crimson Corvus” or “The Red Raven” is the name I chose because obviously there is no species of Crow of Red plumage.


Well, my favourite colour is Red so I thought of the idea of the carrion crow having it’s black plumage with its purple iridescence when light strikes it and came up with my own mythological crow, “The Crimson Crow” or “The Red Raven” who has black plumage like any other crow or raven but instead of the purple iridescence effect he has this unique red iridescence. I imagined that since the lot of people find me so different, that this name would be the most appropriate.


I hope you will all enjoy the changes I made and I hope you will all continue to support my poetry in this blog site. Thanks again for all your support. I will keep on writing stuff to touch your hearts, make you smile, and even scare you. The old Cyber Mushroom can now rest in peace.
This is The Crimson Corvus A.K.A. The Red Raven now taking over this place. Enjoy!


Changes made to blog:
– changed blog name to The Red Raven
– changed blog address to
– changed blog theme to piano black
– changed blog icon to a Crow drawing




Julian Corvinus Javier
The Red Raven


The Red Raven / Corvus Cremesinus

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael
The Archangel of Death; The Grim Reaper
by: Julian Javier
Date: April 25, 2011 @ 1:48AM GMT+8

Laid to rest, bedridden, dying…
Your soul’s time is fast approaching…
With your last efforts to keep on breathing…
Flashing before your eyes is your life in the land of the living…


In his black book of life and death…
Where every record of your life from your first till your last breath…
Where all men’s names and deeds are kept…
For today’s bidding your name is all that’s left…


Now, He with wings of black is before you standing…
Waiting to escort your soul to its final place of resting…
Question is, will you be in the land of wailing and eternal suffering?
or will you be in the land of milk and honey forever hearing angels singing?


To escort you to your rightful place, forlorn or uplifting, is a must…
There will be no return, in these words you can trust…
Judgement shall be passed to both the righteous and the unjust…
There will be no exceptions, in these words you can trust…

"Judgement shall be passed to both the righteous and the unjust..."

“In your final hours… in the afterlife…
There is only black or white, yes or no, upward or downward…
There is no gray area, there is no maybe, there is no middle…
Heaven or Hell… That’s all there is to it…
Always remember that judgement shall be passed to both the righteous and the unjust…”
– Julian Javier on Life, Death, and the Afterlife

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Wiretaps on Telecommunications? Outlaw Skype and other Telecom companies??? What the F^(\<?!

Dear Reader,

Skype, BlackBerry, and other Internet communications services are under attack! The Obama administration and the FBI are pushing legislation that would ban online communications technologies like these unless their developers make it easy for the government to wiretap them.

The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) requires telecom companies to make it possible for the government wiretap their networks. Now Obama and law enforcement want to expand CALEA to cover all online communications technologies, including peer-to-peer and social networking apps. The New York Times says the law would even include making sure the government could intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.

Click here now to tell Congress to protect services like Skype and reject the FBI’s expansion of CALEA.

Companies that want to avoid stifling regulations, and those that actually care about our privacy rights, would have to leave the U.S. That’d reduce our prominence as a technology leader, and encourage the government to devise ever more heavy-handed ways of blocking Americans from using the offending technologies. Other companies would comply by creating back-doors that could lead to more privacy violations and make the Internet more vulnerable to attack: experts say wiretap-ready technologies would be much easier to hack.

An expansion of CALEA would be a tremendous blow to a free and open Internet. Lawmakers need to reject it: Will you sign our petition demanding that they do so?

Thanks for taking a stand.

-The Demand Progress team and The Cyber Mushroom

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