A Vampire’s Tale of Love and Suffering
Chapter 1: The Turning
A Halloween Special: The Pilot Episode
An Attempt on Poetic Novels
By: Julian Corvinus Javier
Date: October 31, 2011 @ 9:04PM GMT +8

This novel attempt is but a draft as of yet. the title, the story line, and the characters are also subject to change. So, please bear with the cliches of chapter 1. If you wish you can treat chapter 1 as a prologue. Enjoy and thank you for reading. Have a nice halloween!

~ Corvinus ~
CHAPTER 1: The Turning


It was a cold and well lit night
The full moon was shining proud and bright
alone I was walking under the city lights
Self-contemplating, oblivious of everything else in sight


Finding no more purpose and no more reason to live
Finding no one with love to give
With nothing more to lose and nothing more to believe
Confused, wishing to die while still wishing to live


Unbeknownst of the presence that is inkling
The presence of the death dealer watching
In my wavering state I have been found wanting
Caught in the eyes of the hunter that was stalking


In the blink of an eye, even with all might, I was easily captured
Gazing upon her crimson eyes like that of a Raven’s,
I was weakened and mesmerized like was hypnotized
My strength and my will became like that of a ship that was capsized


Piercing my flesh draining me of life slowly
Savouring every ounce feeding off the life in me
then halting suddenly, she looks at me as if with mercy
Little did I know that she found me worthy
To cease being the hunted and be like the great hunter that is She
Weakened as I was, I passed out slowly


feeling a dead coldness as I awakened
still intensely pale and weakened
There she was staring at me around the bend
In an instant she was beside me


Piercing her skin compelling me to feed
Feeling this intense weakness and hunger in me
I succumbed to the temptation and fed voraciously
With the desire of draining every ounce of her intently
Enough! She exclaimed weakly
I stopped hesitantly while she fell weakened quickly


After a moment of feeding
I felt intense pain and agony as if I was burning
Then she tells me that I am dying
That from the inside I was virulently changing
Slowly dying to be reborn cursed with life unending
To be reborn as a corrupted being


In that moment I saw Lord Death visiting me
And then he waved goodbye saying he will never ever come back for me
With a sudden rush I opened my eyes like a newborn child
Then a sudden influx of ardour to feed filled me


Reborn with thirst for crimson blood that which is unquenchable
And hunger that which is insatiable
Seizing to be the hunted and becoming the hunter, the monster
Clever, beautiful, and alluring with sophistication that which is incomprehensible


Forever wandering
Constantly stalking
Constantly preying
Constantly hunting
Constantly waiting for a killing
Constantly thirsting for a blood letting


Cursed to always remember what has passed
Cursed to witness what the future may pass
Cursed to see what’s currently at hand
A soul damned to forever roam the land


To be continued…


Gazing upon her crimson eyes like that of a Raven’s, I was weakened and mesmerized, like was hypnotized. My strength and my will became like that of a ship that was capsized.


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Chronicle of a Suicide

Chronicle of a Suicide
A fool’s suicide chronicle…
By: Julian Javier
Date: May 11, 2011 @ 8:52PM GMT +8

[The Fool]
Deprive me of light and of hope.
Now, come and give me a nice rope.
knot it into a noose.
make sure it’s not lose.
take a pick.
get a brick.
tie it on the other end.
say my last words before my life will end.
now get the brick and throw.
to the river located down below.




[The Fool]


[The Clock]




[The Fool]
Wow, I’m sinking so fast and i’m choking.
My neck giving my lungs difficulty in breathing.
Finally, I’m dying.
It’s the end of my life’s long suffering.
I had a tough life never had a chance to be great.
I broke my parents’ hearts.
I lost half the part of my heart.
It’s all my fault anyway, so fuck it.
I wish I had a chance to change things but had no luck at it.


[The Invisible Guardian]


[The Fool]
what? huh? who was that voice?
Oh no, did i make a mistake???

wait! I’m dying!
NO! wait, somebody help me!


***everything went black***


[The Warden]
Ah! Fresh Meat!
*laughs sinisterly*


*the fool awakes*


[The Fool]
where am I? it’s so hot in here that i’m burning!


[The Warden]
You’re in the plains of hell. in front of you are its gates.


[The Fool]
What the? hell?


[The Warden]
come with me!
*laughs sinisterly*
*drags the fool by the neck*


[The Fool]


[The Warden]
*throws the Fool into the river of the dead*
DIE you foolish man! oh, wait… i forgot, you cannot die here!
*laughs sinisterly*


[The Narrator]
And so The Fool deceived by his own ignorance suffered eternally…
He thought he could escape with death from reality…
Forever he burned wishing to die intently…
But sadly, he doesn’t… for his suffering is eternal and unending…
He exchanged his life that he thought was suffering for even more suffering…
Beyond redemption… Beyond Healing…
The man suffered amidst the land of tormenting…


Ending Haiku recited as the scene ends:


“The river carries…
Wails from the souls of the damned…
Eternal torment…”


Let's learn how to knot a noose! =)

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Julian Javier’s Original Chuck Norris Facts LOL

Julian Javier’s Original Chuck Norris Facts LOL
Made up facts about Chuck Norris
By: Julian Javier A.K.A. The Cyber Mushroom
Date: February 15, 2011 @ 3:32PM

Planets going roundabouts the Sun:
The moon’s revolution around earth is also caused by Chuck Norris. In the beginning the moon, the earth and the other planets was just on a state of uniform motion and was only on that position not moving. permanently. Before Chuck Norris reached earth to start his career in hollywood, He practiced his infamous roundhouse kicking ability with the other planets and all other things that we now know revolves around the sun. thus causing everything to revolve around the sun. And thus, causing the Phenomena we now call Eclipse and the concept we now call Time, Month, Day, and Year.

Plutonian Angle of Revolution:
With Pluto’s position, being the only planet revolving around the sun at a different angle than the other planets, it is because that when Chuck Norris arrived in Pluto, Steven Seagal was already there and Steven Seagal kick Pluto from the bottom side. Pluto was originally revolving around the Sun in a vertical angle. Chuck Norris only tried to correct this anomally started by Steven Seagal by roundhouse kicking the planet on its side. Thus, making it revolve around the sun with same manner as the other planets, only in a weird angle, because Chuck Norris arrived after Steven Seagal.

Earth’s Tilted Position:
do you know why the earth’s position is tilted from its axis?
the answer also lies with chuck norris. because chuck norris roundhouse kicked the north pole when he was practicing his infamous roundhouse. now chuck norris noticed the error he had made and tried to correct it by round house kicking the south pole. but to chuck norris’ dismay, he kicked it in the wrong side, thus causing the earth’s current tilted position and just decided that its much better. Thus, the earth’s current tilted position.

Life on Earth:
they say Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life there. In factotum, Chuck Norris has already been through all other planets that’s why there are no signs of life anywhere. isn’t it obvious? there are 9 planets originally, the last one deemed as a moon and only the earth has life in it. Chuck Norris practiced and perfected his infamous earthshaking roundhouse kicking ability on the other planets. Roundhouse kicking each life form until he perfected it. thus, causing the other lifeform’s extinction.

Leap Year:
when chuck norris does a jump rope exercise, the earth’s revolution is affected thus causing the phenomena of leap year. for when he jumps on the adjacent side of the earth’s revolution the earth revolves faster than usual vice versa if he is on the side of the earth’s way. Thus, the phenomena called Leap Year because it was caused by chuck norris leaping.

Long Day; Short Night / Long Night; Short Day Phenomena:
when chuck norris walks… he is not the one who moves at a pace, but the earth moving at his pace. thus the phenomenon of long day short night and long night short day, because when chuck norris runs, the earth rotates faster if he is going to the direction of earth’s normal axis, vice versa when he is against its way.

Chuck’s Sperm:
Chuck Norris’ sperm has feet for roundhouse kicking. The sperm that reaches the egg is the sperm equipped with a gatling gun.

To be continued… ROFL :))

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The Adventures of Pong the Flirtatious and Corny Mushroom

The Adventures of Pong the Flirtatious and Corny Mushroom
Based on True Stories in the Life of Julian Javier
By: Julian Javier A.K.A. The Cyber Mushroom
Date: February 11, 2011 @ 1:12AM

Pong in a power outtage… 2004
“wishful gurl”

Pong: hanef ang dilem!
Miss: oo nga e. sana may kandila man lang.
Pong: sana nga…
Miss: sana may posporo man lang… tsk!
Pong: sana posporo ka…
Miss: ano?! ipangsisindi mo ako ganon?
Pong: at posporo din ako.
Miss: o_0?
Pong: para match tayo…

nyahahayhay! ;p

Pong in an amateur film set… 2004
“the bystander”

Pong: miss! double ka ba?
Girl: di eh.
Pong: a kasi ako single e…

nyahahayhay! ;p

Pong serving merienda… 2004
“merienda gurl”

Pong: sir kape poh.
Sir: salamat hijo.
Pong: Ma’am kape poh.
Ma’am: salamat anak. pagpalain ka.
Pong: Miss, ice cold coke for you…
Miss: bakit coke?
Pong: mukhang pagod ka kasi e… *winks*
Miss: ganon ba? bakit naman? ^_^?
Pong: kasi kanina ka pa tumatakbo sa isip ko e… ^-^!

nyahahayhay! ;p

Pong as a temp… 2004

Pong: Miss, sino ho ba boss dito?
Miss: di pa dumadating e…
Pong: ay ganon ba? kala ko ikaw e…
Miss: mukha ba akong boss?
Pong: Hinde.
Miss: e ano?
Pong: kasi… inalila mo puso ko e.

nyahahayhay! ;p

Pong in the bank… 2010
“cute teller”

Pong: Miss Teller, hanggang magkano ba kayang ideposit ko sa bank na ito?
Miss Teller: uh 250k po sur!
Pong: ay ganon ba?
Miss Teller: Bakit sur ano poh ba balak niyo?
Pong: kasi… i’d like to give my all to you e…

nyahahayhay! ;p

Pong in the park… 2010

Pong: Miss, pwede mo ba akong tulungan?
Miss: ano maitutulong ko sayo?
Pong: etong mata ko e…
Miss: o bakit? mukhang ok naman.
Pong: kasi… di ko mapigilang tignan ka…

nyahahayhay! ;p

Pong in High School. 2000
“first day snopeyk”

Pong: uh… miss may snopeyk ka ba?
Miss Cute Seatmate: Ay teka kunin ko.
Pong: sure.
Miss Cute Seatmate: eto oh.
Pong: uh… miss pano ba gamitin toh? hehe
Miss Cute Seatmate: patingin nga? wala naman mali… niloloko mo naman ako.
Pong: hindi yan… nag hahanap ako snopeyk kasi…
Miss Cute Seatmate: kasi?
Pong: Di kasi kita mabura sa isipan ko e…
Miss Cute Seatmate: hahaha. my name is Mary. *shakes hand*
Pong: I’m YOUR’S…

nyahahayhay! ;p –di ko maalala name nung classmate na yun.

Pong in a bible study… 2010
“catholic session”

Clergy Boy: let us all share what blessings god gave us today. well, lets start with you miss…
Miss: nagpapasalamat ako sa biyaya na binigay sa akin ngayon ng panginoon… kasi kahit broken hearted ako napangiti pa din ako… yun lang po…
Clergy Boy: ok then Amen! next is you, Pong.
Pong: uhh… miss, tungkol sa biyaya mo… about the broken heart i mean…
Miss: bakit ano yun Mr.Pong?
Pong: kasi e… i would just like to share my heart with you…
Clergy Boy: *Facepalms*

nyahahayhay! ;p

<– he a flirt ;p LOL

Note: the years are accurate if my memory serves me right.