The Undying

The Undying
Seeing through the eyes of the Immortal Observer
By: Julian Javier
Date: May 13, 2011 @ 9:27AM GMT +8

The Immortal


That’s what they call me.
The exiled; The unknown…


Walking past men through the centuries.
Friendship, Love, and Compassion.
Rivalry, Hate, and Anger.
Loss of Hope and Death.
Honor and Resolve.
Liberty and Justice.
Pride, Injustice, and Prejudice.
The difference between Transparency and Hypocrisy.


Greed… Man’s thirst to take from another.
Murder… Men conspiring to kill another.
War… Man’s Blood Lust and Hunger for more Power.


Walking amidst this earth for more than a thousand years.
My eyes has witnessed them all.
Seeing my loved ones while they were still young.
Until they grow old and leave this earth.
Now, i had no more tears to shed.
In the end, I am all alone.
Watching over men as they destroy one another.
Watching earth bleed slowly is kind of depressing.
They fear that which they do not know.
And go to war blinded by their false hopes.
A never ending cycle of love and war.
A never ending desire to destroy and rebuild.
A never ending cycle of pride, honor, horror, suffering, and shame.
Trying to accomplish what they do not understand.
A violently unending cycle.
I pity them as I pity myself.
We are no different from one another.
We are just the same shameless beings.
Making a mockery of principles and ideals.
Spitting to honor’s face.


I am the Immortal, the undying, the exiled, the unknown…
Seeing men shame themselves using honor as a facade
has turned my heart to steel.
Without feeling, without remorse.
No more tears, no more fears.


I will continue on watching these men.
As they walk the plank towards extinction.
Watching over from a distance.


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