Against You!

Against You!
A letter against hypocrisy and injustice
By: Julian Javier
Date: March 12, 2011 @ 12:32AM GMT +8

Straight to the point, I don’t like you.
For you are a selfish hypocrite who only thinks of only you.
You’re own filthy, disgusting, oppressive you.
You who is like a green stinky and muddy swamp-like bayou.

I hate your foolish pride and prejudice.
I hate your blatant corruption.
I hate your injustice and malice.
I tremble at your unjustly deeds with indignation.

Don’t tell me not to do what I do.
For I am no hypocrite unlike you.
You who does good deeds to one only when that one is in front of you.
Deep inside it’s just that cheap backstabbing that you always do.

I’ll smoke and drink liquor in front of you and your family.
Without second thought, I’ll say fuck you any time daily.
For i am not bound to your disgustingly idiotic hypocrisy.
I am real and I think freely while you are a fake, two-faced, backstabbing, and a selfish sissy.

You judge people by your first impression and their outward color.
You don’t have real pride nor you have real honor.
You being an oppressor only goes to show that you are nothing but a weak pretender.
I will take pride and joy in striking you down with all ardor, shred you to bits, and tear you asunder..

Your words are always masked so you could allure.
Little do they know that you’re bickering tongue spits out only pure manure.

You are a disgusting rat in a stinky sewer.
Oh how I wish someone would stab you with a barbecue skewer

You look at people with malice and with a disgusted leer.
I’d rather puke at you than chat with you and drink beer.

I bet that crazed beggar can give you a heart attack with a crazy leer.
Unlike you, at least that crazed beggar is real and can deliver a somewhat funny jeer.

I hate you for you ridicule and oppress the meek.
I hate you for you are corrupt and take advantage of the weak.

I hate you for you are selfish and unjust.
I hate you for you are a backstabbing snake who deserves no trust.

I hate you for you are like a deer with no musk.
Most of all I hate you for you are a disguising hypocrite in a fake and empty husk.

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