A Writing Addict’s Shout / Understanding a Writer’s Passion
By: Julian Javier
Date: March 3, 2011 @ 8:26PM GMT +8

I write on every morning…
I write on the afternoon even on the evening…
I write when I’m drunk and while I’m drinking…
I write every time I get the chance…
I even use my pen with my writing as a sword, as a bow and arrow, and as a lance…

I write everywhere as a past time and as a hobby
I write in my kitchen, in my room, in the office, even on the mall’s crowded lobby

I write about anything I can think of…
To convey my deep and sincere emotions…
To describe the concepts of movements and motions…
To describe the process of soil erosion…
To convey feelings of love, romance, and passion…

I write on my notebook and on my computer.
With my black qwerty keyboard or with the black ink bottle with my black quill feather
It doesn’t matter if I write in parchment paper or just plain modern white or yellow paper.

With every line
You should the sign
Of my heart, my feelings, and my love that is always on the line.

Do I love writing?
I love writing!
Am I addicted to writing?
Oh absolutely, I am addicted to writing!
Because I have a passion and a great feeling of loving!

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7 responses to “Writing…

  1. It’s great reading about people who have such dedication to their art. It’s a rare and special thing
    You really should learn to master the art of writing while sleeping. lol

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