An Illusion; One’s Self’s Contradiction
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 28, 2011 @ 7:25PM GMT +8

I am a bright angel,
I am a dark demon,
I am a heavenly body,
I am a diabolical entity.

I am myself… I am you!
I am neither false nor true!

I am fear…
You fear me but I don’t fear you.

I am the wind of the tides,
it is in your heart’s dark horizon where I reside.

I am fear…
I am an illusion.
I am one’s self’s contradiction.
I do not exist…

I am brightness.
I am darkness.
Forsake me and you shall be fearless.
Fear is me and I am faceless.

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2 responses to “Fear

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  2. “Forsake me and you shall be fearless.”
    Excellent and so true.
    And courage is bravery in those moments we cannot forsake.

    Great poem. Thanks for sharing.

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