The Protector

The Protector
Your Loyal Knight
A Guardian’s Job Description

By: Julian Javier
Date: February 21, 2011 @ 12:58AM

I am your Protector.
Your loyal guard and your savior.
Your sword, shield, and armor.
Your gear against the oppressor.

I take you under my wing and always protect you.
I stay beside you and always assist you.
I am the hood of defiance that which covers your head from the rain of oppression your oppressors bring you.

I will act as your eyes,
so you may see what truly lies.

I will act as your ears,
so you may hear their true words and shed away your doubts and fears.

I will act as your tongue,
so that you may speak words that can mute your oppressor’s bickering tongue.

I am your sword, shield, and armor.
I’ll bless you with protection as your protector as long as you wield me with ardour.

I shall protect you inside the walls that we’ll build around your border.
So, you can rest easy inside the city without having a single bother.

I am a weapon made to strike with your fury and might.
So long as you wield me and your always with me, i will lend to you my power and with your enemies bring blight.
I am your Protector.
As long as you and I are together,
I’ll protect you with my zeal and fervor.

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