NEWS: Cyber Mushroom now has Chat Support

Hi Visitors!

Good News! Cyber Mushroom now has Chat Support for your concerns!
If you have any questions about this blog and its contents, if you need to ask permission, or plainly just need someone to talk to, you can contact the Me, by clicking on the Contact the Cyber Mushroom link on the left sidebar there:

That looks something like this:

Ask Me Anything You Want!

All you have to do is click:

Contact the Cyber Mushroom

No need to Sign up or Log in!
Talk to me while keeping your anonimity!

When you see the circular indicator colored with a green circle or so long as there is no x on the circle,
It means, I am available, I am online, and I can talk to you.
Just click on the link on the sidebar and a new tab shall open in your browser with the chat window in it.
You will not be asked for anything such as logging in or signing up.
All you have to do is wait for me to approve the chat request and then we can chat.
Again, no flaming, no trolling, and no profanity shall be tolerated.
Users who will violate this shall be blocked.

Ask me anything you want! I mean ANYTHING! Be it Professional Business, Personal Business, Requests, Hate Chat, or a Heart to Heart conversation. Ask me about life, love, emotions, cars, computers, anything under the sun!

Thanks for bumping into my site!
Please check the poetry section, polls section, and original stories section.
Oh, I almost forgot, also check the photography section and quotations section on the menu bar up top of this page.

Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom


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