The Prayer of Endurance

The Prayer of Endurance
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 11, 2010 @ 9:59PM

Ignite the stagnant fuel in my soul, oh, Goddess of Perfection.
Strike me so that I can move again.
Bring me light in this unforeseen darkness.
Show me your love and caress me in your tender arms.
Show me that gaze that which brings me life.
Give me strength with your loving kiss.
Embrace me with your love and make me feel alive again.
Make me feel your presence so that I can walk with my feet straight and reach my goal.
Help me endure this pain that which clouds my very essence.
Keep me in your heart and adore me as I also adore you fully.
Oh, Goddess of Beauty and Love hear my call.
Hear my crying heart that which yearns for you.
Hear my prayer and supplication to endure this longing for you.
I feel so much incomplete without your presence.
Give me life.
Give me the power that which comes from you.
Engulf me within your love.
Take me away.
I wanna fly with you in your powerful tornado.
Bring me in.
Throw me out.
As long I feel your presence I don’t care.
Just show yourself to me again.
And make me feel alive again.

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