The One and Only One

The One and Only One
By: Julian Javier
Date: February 16, 2011 @ about 12:55AM

I look at you and i see this:

You fantasize about Mr. Prince Charmin’.
Dreamin’ of the day that he’ll be your own darlin’.
Baby, you’re waitin’ for somethin’ that’ll never be comin’.
Here I am, a man that you have been dreamin’.
I ain’t no prince but you’ll sure find me charmin’.
Hopin’ that you’ll hear me knockin’.

You’re a woman that’s different from the rest.
A woman who can survive the test.
A woman lookin’ for love that can stand the test.
A woman lookin’ for the man that’s different from the rest.

You and I are exactly the same
lookin’ for somethin’ but never findin’ that something that’ll keep us alive,
people who only need real lovin’ to survive,
never gettin’ but still wantin’ to feel alive,
never touchin’ but still feelin’ the drive,
lookin’ forward and still wishin’ for someone to arrive.
we be missin’ and still be carin’ for someone on city’s other side.
havin’ wings but ain’t flyin’ cowerin’ all our life.

you are the woman I have been thinkin about all the time.
my mind tells me to stop only when I make you mine.
promise to take care of you with all my heart that is benign.
never to let go till the end of time.

I’ll show you sweet lovin’, that you’ll never be forgettin’.
I’ll make you feel what you should’ve long been feelin’.
from 6 in the evenin’ till 6 in the mornin’ of everyday when we be rollin’.
when you get me poppin’ there’ll be no stoppin’; I’ll be keepin’ your blood pumpin’.

I’ll be lovin’ you till your incapable of shoutin’ what you want to express.
that only a tear is the only expression that can escape your chest.
make you feel happier than all of the rest.
I’ll be putting your passion to the test.
make you understand that my love is the best.
make your heart spin from inside your chest.

my love knows no bounds,
baby, sky’s the limit, I know how good it sounds.
so, why not try my ground.
walk on it, run on it, till your head goes ’round .
come close to me so you could feel my sound.
my heart that’s beatin for someone I should’ve long found.
I’ll take you to the sky and let you discover this thing called love that you have found.

Come on, baby and show me some lovin’!

Feel the Fire in my heart that burns only for you!

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