Above Fading

Above Fading
By: Julian Javier A.K.A. The Cyber Mushroom
Date: February 16, 2011 @ 3:26AM

Like a temple of sand, I fade into the shore into this small piece of land.
Like the sea, without you, I have nowhere to land.
Dull and rusty like an unused sword in no warrior’s hand,
I am without purpose and unhappy in this world so grand.
Like a fading ember, without you, without air and unfanned.
Without your presence, I feel that my life’s end is at hand.

My life lost and never to be found.
I am like a ball that can never again be round.
Without the air that which gives me air and bounds.
Empty as a shell in the dead and dry sea shore grounds.
Unable to roam, like a dog chained to the ground.
You are someone whom I should’ve long found.

to tell you this now or forever hold my grudge, to reach you, i must be bold.
I wanna let go of all things material and have no regrets in this world.
To be with you is better than earning a thirty, a sixty, or even a hundred fold.
Without you I’m like a forgotten story never to be told.
I feel above fading when you are the one I hold.
I offer you my heart, truth be told.

I am missing something that which completes me.
A full meal without the meat, a sword without its sheath.
A hamburger sandwich without a bun, a holster without a gun.
Darling without you my life will be incomplete and no fun.
You are like my earth’s sun. You are like my skin’s tan.
I’ll be above fading when i can call you, “Hon”.

without you, i'll just fade away...

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